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I’M debbie vangrieken, ceo of moyaa shea butter

Moyaa Shea Butter was founded by Debbie in 2016. The company is dedicated to producing high-quality organic fair trade products that you will surely love.

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I'm the biggest user of our products. I won't put anything harmful on my skin, so I can assure you that only the purest ingredients go into Moyaa Shea Butter.

Debbie VanGrieken, CEO

What customers Say

Recovered from Cancer! My skin was dry, blistering and painful due to my cancer radiation treatment. Moyaa Shea Butter kept my skin smooth and intact.

My oncologist has never seen anyone with such clear skin after radiation treatment and was thrilled when I recommended Moyaa products to him.
A friend recommended Moyaa Shea Butter for my poor cracked and bleeding hands. Working through this pandemic has been taking its toll. Nothing was working to fix the damage sanitizers do until I tried this. I put it on at night over the scabs and by morning they're gone. My hands have never been more thankful.
We have been using Moyaa's raw ingredients (shea butter + essential oils) in our products for over a year now. The quality of Moyaa's products is TOP NOTCH! We've placed several, large bulk orders and they are always delivered with great care, in eco-friendly packaging and in a very timely fashion. Debbie also does so much humanitarian work behind the scenes by building fair trade relationships and fundraising to support her partners in Africa. It's truly inspiring all the incredible work that Debbie has done; we are truly grateful for our partnership.
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One year ago I randomly developed a very painful rash on the skin at the corners and under my eyes that also spread a bit on to my eyelids. My doctor prescribed a topical cream and eye drops that temporarily improved it but I was only allowed to use it for 2 weeks at a time and as soon as I stopped using the cream it flared up much worse. I was sent to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with Periorbital dermatitis. He basically blamed it on “a reaction to all the stuff women use on their faces” even though I already told him I had made the switch to all natural facial products about 10 years ago and most of the time only wear cover up and mascara. He told me to “do nothing, put nothing on it, not even moisturizer, and it should eventually clear up on its own”. At that point I had been suffering with it for 4 months, so hearing “do nothing”, “should” and “eventually” was not what I wanted to hear. Then I remembered that I had Moyaa Lavender Shea butter at home, and that Shea and lavender are both anti-inflammatory. I was ready to try anything so I ditched my all natural moisturizer and started using only Shea butter on my face as a moisturizer every morning and night, carefully applying it to the rash. Within only 1 week there was noticeable improvement. After about 2 weeks the rash was almost completely gone! Ever since then, I only use my Shea butter for my moisturizer and probably won’t buy facial cream ever again. I love that it’s all natural, only 2 ingredients (Shea and essential oil), helps keep my mild rosacea under control, the dermatitis hasn’t come back since, and as an added bonus - those wrinkles that were starting to develop under my eyes seem to have been stopped in their tracks! least for now 🙂 Thanks Debbie for such great products and customer service!! Love the lavender soap too, it leaves my super sensitive skin so smooth and soft!

Moyaa shea butter

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